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We are neospace – a marketing transformation consultancy committed to building actionable strategies with a fresh perspective.


Strategy is our passion. Building it up to be actionable is an art. Call us Bob Ross.

The digital world is spinning faster and faster. New platforms and technologies are popping up constantly. Each day delivers a new trend, a new hype. Keeping up momentum and staying ahead of the digital curve is challenging – and without the right strategy and people around you, it is almost impossible.

We know because we have been in the market for many years, advising brands on how to fight the digital struggle. With our unique skillset combo and experience in executing strategies, we collaborate with your teams to master the challenges of today’s world, discover tomorrow’s opportunities and build a strategy for the digital future – with the heart of your brand at the core.

The magic combo



For us, strategic acting and thinking means that we leave no marketing stone unturned. We explore your audience, get to know your product and listen to your customers. We examine all aspects before advising.



New technologies and data are the future’s gold. Decisions, ideas and strategies are based on insights and facts.



Every brand has its own unique story to tell. We discover what makes your brand special, and how best to tell its story. Because in the end – great storytelling is what inspires your audience to click, buy and remain loyal.

We always think big and without boundaries — but we know there can be some on our client's side. Therefore, we'll never sell a dream that can't become a reality. It's not just about the zeitgeist – it's about a sustainable future-proven approach.

Services — Strategic and actionable

Digital marketing for the new age.

We want things to come alive – not just as an idea in an immense deck. We build executable strategies and tactics.

Walk the talk

Bigger picture thinking – deciding the why, who, how, and what. Applying the full skillset combo, and helping to co-create the future.

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Strategy Development


We dive deep, flip, and discover – we are like Jacques-Yves Cousteau of the digital age.

  • Opportunity Exploration [Workshops]
  • Audience definition
  • Market research
  • Ideation and narrative identification

What’s hype, what’s trend?

We know what’s happening in the marketing world and share our knowledge and point of view.

  • Individual “Is this relevant for us?”-analysis
  • Impulse sparrings


We empower the people we work with to run on their own and help to have all the tools they need.

  • Internal team education
  • Process implementation
  • Pitch companion

Our “No more FOMO” approach

We will write our briefing, unbiased and hype-free, as they tend to be driven by FOMO instead of actual and sustainable needs.

We develop sustainable and future-oriented strategies so good that we would have dreamed of executing them in our agency life.

Our principles


Teamwork without ego

You are our partner, we are yours. We work together.


We trade gold for gold

Your heads for time with decision-makers.


We write our briefing

Every project begins with an exploration and re-briefing phase.


No bullshit, no politics!

Straight and transparent communication at eye level, no unnecessary CC`ing.

We practice what we preach.

We are digital natives from the “in-between” generation. We know how slow a floppy disk was (yes, the 3D printed save icon), how the beginning of the internet changed our lives, and most importantly, we also understand the perks of NFTs and Web 3.0.


Maxx Preuss

Creative ideas and many insights
Managing Director


Nicolai Goschin

Always a plan in mind
Technical Strategist


Christoph von Oertzen

The ex-corporate guy and network guru
Business Advisor

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Cushman & Wakefield
Building a thought leadership

Cushman & Wakefield is the leading provider on the market. However, this positioning in the German market is not entirely reflected in digital media. The key challenge is to underline the market leadership by positioning the company as a thought leader and communicating it with relevant reach.

Actionable Solution
The result of the research and the strategy development showed that it will be crucial to place not the brand itself but the people behind it in a relevant way. The Cushman & Wakefield sector, in particular, is focused on personal brands. Only those who take place in person can be in the game.

Tangible Result
As a result, together with the internal marketing team, we developed a personal branding strategy for the umbrella brand and individual persons of the company. These are coordinated and positioned on different focus topics. To build up the reach and relevance of the individuals in the long term, a content and social media toolkit is developed and made available. In addition, specific content is created on the basis of the Company Framework and distributed to the individuals. To enable this, we’ve held online training accessible for over 400 employees. 

Global Community Platform

A single source of information and contact possibilities was needed to reduce barriers for potential candidates and combine all digital activities. MED-EL, headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, is a leading provider of hearing implant systems and is driven by a mission to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication. Today, MED-EL offers the most comprehensive range of implantable and non-implantable solutions for various types and degrees of hearing loss and is active in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Actionable Solution
In early 2021 we started to build a new offer for MED-EL's candidates, recipients, and their caregivers called "Hearpeers Mentors." The goal was to build a single platform on a global scale that unites all efforts around the MED-EL customer journey to create conversions by growing traffic and encouraging interactions.

Tangible Result
We created a global communication strategy that serves the need for real-life experiences, education, and user-generated content, so candidates, MED-EL recipients, and caregivers can connect with and learn from each other as one global community. The strategy is based on three main pillars – content, community, and promotion – with matching tactics for each market's possibilities and needs. In addition, we created a detailed operations plan, including the planning of internal processes, content creation and distribution, social media management, and campaigning, as well as a set of relevant KPIs.

All efforts are coming together in one place. hearpeers.com, brought to life in May 2022 by our fab teammates at helllicht Digitalagentur.

FitTech Company
Marketing for the digital age

A well-known offline brand was searching its way into a fully digital brand and back to hybrid mode. FitTech Company, the company behind Europe's leading digital summit (FitTech Summit) and a global membership program (FitTech Club), was founded in 2020 as a management buyout from Hubert Burda Media by Natalia Karbasova and hosted the most outstanding leader in the fitness industry.

Actionable Solution
After relaunching the brand, we created several tactics and hands-on marketing activities to promote the digital FitTech Summits and the FitTech Club. The focus is on organic reach to a huge existing network within the industry.

Tangible Result
Part of the strategic thinking is a multi-level campaign concept developed to gain international attention in the industry and sell tickets for the events. The core of the digital marketing activities is a strong organic content presence to manifest thought leadership within the field.

BARILLA Foodservice
Covering the B2B Food-Market

Reaching food professionals in a digital market is becoming more and more challenging. BARILLA Foodservice, the B2B section of the well-known international pasta Brand, was eager to face this challenge with us and develop a strategy for the future.

Actionable Solution
We accompanied the team over several months to get a deep understanding of the core challenges, the decentralised market, and potential competitors. We lighted operational and strategic challenges in getting marketing activities up and running.

Tangible Result
As a core result and basis for the next three years, we developed a digital marketing strategy that reflects given marketing materials from the Italian headquarter and newly developed ones for the local market. Within this strategy, reachable milestones were defined, and as part of the strategy, multi-channel user journeys with hands-on processes were developed and are being implemented. Existing partners are getting onboarded and supported by us.