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We advise brands to become the next digital leaders of the new age – without Fear Of Missing Out.

We are neospace, a marketing transformation consultancy building actionable strategies with fresh perspectives.


Strategy is our passion. Building it to be actionable is art. Call us Bob Ross.

The digital world is spinning faster and faster. New platforms and technologies are popping up and creating hype after hype. Keeping the pace and being ahead of all digital movements is challenging, and without the right strategy and people around you, it is almost impossible. We know because we have been in the market for many years and advising brands fighting the digital struggle.
With our unique skillset combo and our experiences in executing strategies, we collaborate with your teams to discover tomorrow's opportunities, master the challenges of today, and build a strategy for the digital future – at the heart of your brand and organisation.

The magic combo



A strategic acting and thinking means for us, that we flip every marketing stone, explore your audience, your product and listen to your customers. We don’t advise before we explored the questions.



New technologies and data are the future’s gold. Decisions, Ideas and strategies are based on insights and facts.



Every brand has its unique story to tell. We discover what’s unique and needs to be told. Because in the end – storytelling is what people make to click, buy and stick with.

We always think big and without boundaries — but we know there can be some on our client's side. Therefore, we'll never sell a dream that can't become a reality. It's not just about the zeitgeist – it's about a sustainable future-proven approach.

Services — Strategic but actionable

Digital marketing for the new age.

We want things to come alive – not just as an idea in an immense deck. We build executable strategies and tactics.

Walk the talk

Sorting out the big picture, deciding the why, who, how, and what, playing the full skillset combo, and helping to co-create the future.

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Strategy Development


We dive deep, flip, and discover – we are like Jacques-Yves Cousteau of the digital age.

  • Opportunity Exploration [Workshops]
  • Audience definition
  • Market research
  • Ideation and narrative identification

What’s hype, what’s trend?

We know what’s happening in the marketing world and share our knowledge and point of view.

  • Individual “Is this relevant for us?”-analysis
  • Impulse sparrings


We empower the people we work with to run on their own and help to have all the tools they need.

  • Internal team education
  • Process implementation
  • Pitch companion

Our “No more FOMO” approach

We will write our briefing, unbiased and hype-free, as they tend to be driven by FOMO instead of actual and sustainable needs.

We develop sustainable and future-oriented strategies so good that we would have dreamed of executing them in our agency life.

Our principles


Teamwork without ego

You are our partner, we are yours. We work together.


We trade gold for gold

Your heads for time with decision-makers.


We write our briefing

Every project begins with an exploration and re-briefing phase.


No Bullshit, no Politics!

Straight and transparent communication at eye level, no unnecessary CC`ing.

We practice what we preach.

We are digital natives from the “in-between” generation. We know how slow a floppy disk was (yes, the 3D printed save icon), how the beginning of the internet changed our lives, and most importantly, we also understand the perks of NFTs and Web 3.0.


Maxx Preuss

Creative ideas and many insights
Managing Director


Nicolai Goschin

Always a plan in mind
Technical Strategist


Lena Sponring

Human connections through psychology
Marketing Strategist


Christoph von Oertzen

The ex-corporate guy and network guru
Business Advisor

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